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South Carolina Sod

Having sod installed at your home or business will increase the natural beauty of your property. Unlike regular grass, sod looks great immediately. There is no time wasted waiting for seeds to sprout. Your lawn will look fantastic as soon as it is installed. Sod is also great for stopping soil erosion once it is applied. It also is ready for nearly immediate use, while traditional seeded lawns must be fully grown for weeks before being used, because you need to make sure that your grass builds deep enough roots. Sod has a root system comparable to a lawn that's been established for two to three years in as little as 30 days.

South Carolina Sod

Sod for Every Landscape

Sod isn't a material that just any landscaper or gardening crew can install. For the best looking lawn, an experienced and knowledgeable South Carolina sod company is needed. Sodbusters® Inc. has been installing sod in South Carolina for over 15 years. We have installed sod for lawns, golf courses and athletic fields, and know how to handle every type of landscape. Sodbusters® Inc. is the best choice for South Carolina sod, whether the project you have in mind is large or small. We employ only the best trained and most knowledgeable sod technicians and can transform even the most damaged yard into a beautiful, flourishing field of green.

Our Process

Sodbusters® Inc. uses Teledyne unloading machines to avoid damaging the sod or the installation site. We take extra care to place the sod perfectly for the best looking lawns possible. Our team that handles your new sod will also prep the installation site, removing debris and dead root systems that could interfere with the sod taking hold. They then grade, rake and install the turf to make sure that the installation site is perfect for your new sod. Sodbusters® Inc. is the right choice for the best looking South Carolina sod installations.

Our Sod Varieties

Five varieties of sod are available from Sodbusters® Inc.: Bermuda, Zoysia, Palmetto St. Augustine, Centipede and Fescue. In South Carolina, sod must be able to handle the local climate in order to thrive. The types of sod we carry have been hand selected to be resilient against common South Carolina weather. Our knowledgeable lawn design experts can help you choose the best options for your project, based on all of the variables of your lawn, including drainage, watering restrictions and the desired look.

Sod is a wonderful choice for covering a lawn, athletic field, park or business center. It roots quickly, can be used in as little as 30 days and makes landscapes look great. Sodbusters® Inc. is the best choice for a South Carolina sod installation company. Nobody in South Carolina has the knowledge or experience about sod that we do. For more infromation on our South Carolina sod installation services, contact us today!